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Registration for Fee-Based Degree & Graduate Certificate Students

Drops & Refunds

Current and Former Quarter Drops

If you want to drop a course, see the policies and follow the procedures on the Current Quarter Drop page.

If you fail to attend class, or only tell the instructor that you want to drop the course, you have not officially dropped it. Unless you officially withdraw, a grade of 0.0 will be entered on your UW transcript.

If you need to drop a class or classes completed in a quarter that has already ended, see Former Quarter Drop. Follow the instructions for University of Washington Continuum College/Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE) students.

Refund Policy

To receive a 100% refund, including the $55 quarterly registration fee, you must drop a course within the first seven calendar days of the quarter. If you drop after this date, the registration fee is nonrefundable.

To receive a 50% refund, minus the $55 quarterly registration fee, you must drop within the first 30 calendar days of the quarter. If you drop the course after this time, you’ll forfeit all course fees (“tuition”), as well as the registration fee.

For refund dates, see the Academic Calendar for your year of study. 

If your payment was submitted by credit card, the refund will be processed on the credit card account. The credit card service fee is not refundable.

In some circumstances, you may petition to have forfeiture fees waived. Review eligibility guidelines and submit a tuition forfeiture petition to UW Continuum College/Professional & Continuing Education.


UW Continuum College/Professional & Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel courses with low enrollment.